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Internet gallery “SIB-ART” brings to your attention artworks of the siberian masters who work in different ways, but in the main it’s the pictorial art. All the masterpieces can be purchased. It’s possible to order copies of the works, as well as the placement of individual orders. In the gallery collected the works of masters who have universal recognition and of amateurs. Shipping by mail (in Novosibirsk - by courier free of charge).

New pictures

How it works?

Fog in the mountains
60 Eur

French village
560 Eur

Syzran Kremlin
940 Eur

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We suggest you carefully, "savoring" view photos of the works. When you chose the work, we perform a "live" showing of it in real life at a convenient time for you. Gallery is not only shows and sells the ready works, but also provides the ability to place an individual order - you can choose a scene work / resize pictures / her performance (horizontal / vertical) and other. In the case of individual order for job creation we will need 1 to 2 weeks.

To order you have to:

 - Fill in the Request (Form Applications are on each page of work);

- During the day the gallery manager will contact with you and confirm the availability of work, you will agree with terms of delivery;

- In the case of individual order makes an advance payment of 30-50% of the value of work;

- In the approved time work will be delivered by courier (Novosibirsk) to the buyer.

Best sellers

Pink nude

Calle Arsenale

110 Eur

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Popular painters

Oleg Sheludyakov

Yuri Merkalenko

Irina Kosolapova

Alexander Kosenkov

Anna Vavilova

Oleg Vasukov

Svetlana Voitenko

Ludmila Virovaya

Zinaida May

Vladimir Virovoy

Елена Зорина

Elena Zorina

Andrew Manushin

Vasiliy Kuksa

Sergei Kurasov

Alexander Kucheryavenko

Veronica Petuhova

Anna Ahmedova

Julya Barsh

Julya Maidan

Denis Oktyabr

Irina Rogovaya

Anna Shadrina

Наталья Швец

Olga Yakovleva

Marina Balanuk

Yuri Mitushov

Igor Bukanov

Anna Vavilova

Svetlana Chernyih

Anatoliy Kuzmin

Sagalakov Georgy

Anastasia Aldoshina

Alexander Lednev

Julia Repina

Harry Nalbandian

Natalya Solovyeva

Andrew Kurchenko

Roman Urbinsky

Ivan Shatov

Ludmila Vlasova

Igor Bragin

Elena Romanova

Olga Chirkova

Alexander Mukhomedeev

Olga Yakutina

Andranik Saakyan

Elena Popova

Tamara Misaylidi

Marianna Ochira

Elena Minakova

Marina Fomina

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